This group of AT LEAST 75 Activities builds on an understanding of Hip Hop’s empowering potential. It includes the recognition that earlier songs within Hip Hop culture laid the foundation for current songs – sharing similar themes of empowerment, such as CHANGE and the desire for community conditions to be better (e.g., Public Enemy’s Fight the Power and Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright”). There are 5 common themes or "dimensions" of empowerment we focus on: ESTEEM, RESILIENCE, GROWTH, COMMUNITY, and CHANGE.


To work with these activities you should have a strong grasp of how songs assist a person’s ability to look inward as much as it is a window to look outward... This is the 5th Element of Hip Hop Culture [i.e., Knowledge of Self (and of Community)]. Finally, you should understand some of the contemporary social justice issues that intersect with esteem, resilience, growth, community, and change narratives (e.g., health and education disparities, gender/race and ethnicity/economic-based stress, and trauma, coping and resilience).


One thing we do know. With these activities and an understanding of the MUZUZE system, you will never be at a loss for activities in the future and you will never listen to music the same again! Remember... Listen. Think. Act!