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Facing Your Challenges Head On

The world is filled with challenges and opportunities, and navigating it requires a meaningful soundtrack. ​

Soundtrack to Your Life

You can count on us to help bring your soundtrack to life in a way that helps you to be the best version of yourself.

Music for Learning & Growth

It's no longer a mystery. Music, including Hip Hop culture, is an engaging force for learning and growth. 

Taking It To the Next Level!

We're sure that you are a pro at finding just the right songs when you need them. Let us help you unpack these and create music experiences to take it to the next level!

CURATION AS CREATION: A major feature of this work is curating existing art to create growth oriented experiences for participants.


Dr. Travis has been helping people like you to feel better, do better, and be better through the power of Hip Hop culture and positive youth development since 1997.


Our system brings together strategies that allow you to focus on both you and the communities you value.


Note: This is not a curriculum, it is a language and structure to create strategies for self and community improvement. It is a system for empowerment anchored in Hip Hop culture and meant for use throughout the life-course.


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Don't be a bystander in your own well-being.
Act Today!

Join the HEALING POWER OF HIP HOP community today,

and begin your journey toward better through music!

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